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        Lighting E-commerce Channel Development Forum
        Category: Industry Information
        Date: 2018-12-04
        Click: 2753
        Author: 佚名
        The venue was in Shanghai Lighting City.

        August 31, sponsored by Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, China Lighting Association, China Electronic Commerce Association, Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, Shanghai Productive Service Industry Promotion Association, Fudan University Software College, Lighting Express Network, Light 66 The launching of the 3rd China (Shanghai) Lighting E-Commerce Channel Development Forum was held in Shanghai Lighting City. The date of the forum was confirmed on November 27, 2015. The venue was in Shanghai Lighting City. The theme of the conference was "Internet + Intelligence". illumination".

        The theme of this conference is to discuss how lighting enterprises can transform and upgrade in the context of Internet + era, cross-border cooperation, and find out how smart lighting products can cooperate with Internet companies in technology and channels in the new era. In the advantages of intelligent modules, cloud platforms, e-commerce, etc., using the value of the lighting company's own "light" and the advantages of traditional offline channels, the forum organizing committee will invite Internet giants such as Xiaomi, Ali, WeChat and Jingdong. And Huawei, Haier and other brand enterprises and lighting companies to start dialogues and exchanges, is the continuation and year-end summary of the Shanghai Lighting Industry Association this year to guide the lighting companies and Xiaomi, Alibaba, Jingdong, WeChat cross-platform cooperation.

        At the meeting, the organizer Shanghai Lighting Industry Association President Lu Zeming, Secretary General Huang Zhenduo, Deputy Secretary-General Ren Qiuping, Co-organizer and organizer Shanghai Lighting City Chairman Han Zonghuai, General Manager Xu Xianxiao, Deputy General Manager Zhang Yu, Shanghai Lighting Appliance The director of the industry association, Zhao Zhaoliang, presided over the meeting. The forum is expected to have more than 500 participants and welcome attention.

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