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        "Circle" economic era
        Category: Industry Information
        Date: 2018-12-04
        Click: 1905
        Author: 佚名
        Enterprises should identify this circle, contact such people, and let the bathroom brand know more or less for the needs of the crowd, in order to really promote sales.

        With the spread of the Internet, consumers have more contact than before. The so-called objects are grouped together, and consumers are slowly forming a circle according to different habits and hobbies. In the future sanitary market, enterprises not only Just follow the development trend of e-commerce and go online and offline, and find out the differences in the demand of each “circle”, and accurately locate and win the market.

        Target group circle

        Who used to be screaming in the past, and who has more people in front of the booth. But in the Internet age, it is not just a few drinks that can attract consumers to come. On the Internet, people of different hobbies, interests, and professions come together, and everyone has formed different communication circles. Bathroom companies should find a circle and launch their own products. For example, many people who decorate will gather on the Internet to form their own communication circle. Enterprises should identify this circle, contact such people, and let the bathroom brand know more or less for the needs of the crowd, in order to really promote sales.

        "Circle" in the era of economic development

        Online and offline

        In 2015, the market deducted further changes, from simple online and offline to online and offline, and the two channels together. Therefore, for the sanitary industry, the O2O method has become the hottest way, not one. Although there are still many companies that have not yet begun to take obvious actions, it can be seen from the dealers' meetings and new product releases that companies are paying more and more attention to the integration with the Internet. For pure online operation, there are still many limitations for the whole industry of the bathroom, and the online and offline composite methods meet the development needs of the sanitary industry. It can not only be intimately contact with the Internet, but is not limited by online transportation. Therefore, the development of the bathroom in 2015 is a combination of online and offline.

        In addition, in 2015, many sanitary ware companies began to cooperate with the Internet big coffee, both online and offline, in order to achieve brand promotion and sales promotion. Whoever overlooks one of them, who may be on the road to competition .

        Product experience differentiation and extreme

        Faced with such a trend, sanitary ware enterprises should achieve product differentiation and extreme in the development path. In the former Chinese market, whoever has the product can be called the king, because the products were extremely scarce at the time, and the products represented everything. However, with the improvement of the technical level, the output has gradually become a problem. At this time, people look at the brand when choosing products. Therefore, brand building has become a very important part of the company. It has become a goal of many companies to make itself a household name. Now, only products and brands are not enough, because good products are emerging, and the battle for brands is getting stronger. Today's people pay more attention to the experience, and a good experience is a prerequisite for purchase. The previous news, I think everyone has heard it: Chinese people traveled to Japan to snap up the Japanese toilet lid. Why is the Japanese toilet cover better than the domestic toilet cover? Because the Japanese products fully take into account the experience of people when using the toilet cover, the product is the ultimate, naturally greatly welcomed by the Chinese.

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