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        US Open Innovation Platform White Power Giants Differentiation
        Category: Industry Information
        Date: 2018-12-04
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        Author: 佚名
        On September 8, the reporter learned from the US group that the company's first open innovation platform, Mei Chuang 1.0 (open.midea.com), was officially launched recently." Hu Ziqiang said.
        On September 8, the reporter learned from the US group that the company's first open innovation platform, Mei Chuang 1.0 (open.midea.com), was officially launched recently. It is understood that the positioning of the platform is aimed at global mass entrepreneurship incubation, and for the first time open the internal resources of the United States including suppliers, scientific research institutions and incubators. “At present, the main business of Midea is still home appliances, so our short-term goal is to use this platform to attract more external innovation forces to enhance the internal innovation capability of the US; but in the long run, because the platform itself is a company that can operate independently of the US. When it develops and grows to a certain stage, it can rely on its own survival and profit to promote innovation and become a truly open platform.” Hu Ziqiang, vice president and director of the innovation center of Midea Group, said in an interview with this reporter. In fact, Midea is not the first home appliance company to propose an open platform. In March of this year, Haier released the U+ Smart Life App as a centralized portal for customized smart life, and announced that the U+ Smart Life Platform is open to the entire ecosystem. However, unlike the US's open innovation platform, Haier's U+ platform focuses on developing personalized customization. According to Haier, since U+App was officially launched in April this year, the number of registered users is 2.77 million, and 78 third-party resources are introduced. What is different from the United States and Haier is that Gree chose the sword to go slant and boldly cut into the new field of mobile phones. Although Gree mobile phone has not yet officially launched, according to Dong Mingzhu, the second and third generation of high-end Gree mobile phones have been positioned. In research and development. One billion incubator innovation It is understood that the opening up of the US-based platform is one of the core frameworks of the entire open innovation of the United States, including the sharing of technology solutions, participation in product innovation and entrepreneurial incubation. On this platform, Midea will provide support including R&D team, manufacturing base, sales channels and after-sales channels, from the early stage of entrepreneurship counseling, innovative workshop concept realization and project equity incentives as resources. “In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurial team, they can hold up to 40% of the project.” Hu Ziqiang said that Midea Group will invest 1 billion yuan to create investment funds and 100 million yuan of venture capital to support the development of the innovation center. The three major aspects of the existing new categories of platforms, new products and smart products will be tapped. On August 4th, Midea announced the establishment of a joint venture company for industrial robots and service robots with Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. to comprehensively improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. Fang Hongbo, Chairman and President of Midea Group, said that the robot strategy is the extension and expansion of Midea’s “Double Wisdom” strategy (Smart Home + Smart Manufacturing), and it is also an important measure for Midea to actively open the second runway after the core business of home appliances. According to Hu Ziqiang, the US Innovation Center has begun to research more than 20 innovative projects with commercial prospects. In addition to smart home appliances, it also covers robots and health. However, Hu Ziqiang also frankly said that the research and development strength in the field of robots is lacking, so he chose to make a joint venture with Yaskawa in Japan to make up for the shortcomings. "This new online open innovation platform is to better attract the power of innovation to add momentum to the long-term development of the United States." Hu Ziqiang said. According to Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, the future will use "smart manufacturing + industrial robots" to enhance the company's intelligent manufacturing level and expand the B2B industry space; and promote the development of smart homes with "smart home + service robots" Eco-construction, with the service robot to drive the extension of sensors, artificial intelligence, smart home business, to create a beautiful smart home integration system, ecological chain capabilities. From the first half of the year, the three major white power giants have begun to differentiate: the total revenue of the US group is 82.509 billion yuan, up 6.7% year-on-year; the total revenue of Gree Electric Appliances is 50.111 billion yuan, down 13.4% year-on-year; Qingdao Haier Total revenue was 41.92 billion yuan, down 10.81% year-on-year. According to Dong Mingzhu’s previous goal of “creating a Gree in five years”, Gree’s revenue will reach 160 billion yuan this year. Although several price wars since last year have increased the market share of Gree air conditioners, but in the depressed market. Demand is still a drop in the bucket. In the face of the target pressure of 110 billion yuan in the second half of the year, Dong Mingzhu began to change his tone. At the Gree Electric Appliances Shareholders Meeting held on June 1 this year, Dong Mingzhu said that “every year of growth is fast and slow, what will happen in 2015? committed to". Gree Guangzhou dealers told reporters that the main theme of Gree Air Conditioning in 2016 is still going to inventory, and the price will be further lowered. Haier, which is currently the fastest in the smart home field, benefited from the sales of mid-to-high-end products. Net profit in the first half of the year increased by 2.41% year-on-year to 2.628 billion yuan. It is reported that Haier's smart white electric products sold more than 1.1 million units in the first half of this year, with sales revenue exceeding 3.2 billion yuan. At present, Haier has completed the intelligent transformation of more than 800 processes in 28 factories in five major industrial lines. However, for Haier, this innovative path that ultimately points to personalized customization still faces various realities such as high prices. The reporter learned that at Haier's open platform, the starting price of a user's custom-made washing machine is at least 6,000 yuan. According to a report released by Aowei, the retail volume and retail sales of domestic washing machines in the first half of this year were 15.58 million. Taiwan and 29 billion yuan, that is, the average retail price is only about 1861 yuan. According to the analysis, at present, the three major white power groups have begun to differentiate in the development path, and it is only waiting to be seen whether the future will follow the same path.
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