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        How to maintain the leading position in the regional market
        Category: Industry Information
        Date: 2018-12-04
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        Author: 佚名
        After the hardware and electromechanical brand has gained market advantage, is it comfortable with the status quo? The new products are still being cultivated.

        After the hardware and electromechanical brand has gained market advantage, is it comfortable with the status quo? Still be cautious?

        The difficulty for the leader is how to maintain this lead and see the crisis.

        How do strong brands in the regional market respond to the siege of competing products and stay ahead? Use brand, product, channel, terminal, organization and other combination to create a strong brand of hardware and electrical machinery in the regional market!

        In a regional market, no matter how strong the brand is, there is a crisis, there are direct attacks from the evenly matched, there are flank attacks from the challengers, and guerrilla harassment from guerrillas.

        If a strong brand can't face the siege of a competitive brand correctly, it will be unknowingly eroded by competitors. In the face of such a situation, how should the enterprise or regional helm to do a good job in the strong regional market?

        The defensive war must be a systematic war. The operators of the regional market must use the system's comprehensive thinking mode to lay out and build their own hard-won strong market position, for brands, promotion, channels, terminals, product lines, markets, capital. The integration of key elements such as organization, business model, etc., does not leave gaps for competitors to prevent them from finding obvious and devastating attack points, and to create a market with comprehensive blockade and iron barrels.

        A good brand is alive. He represents a quality, a spirit, a belief in the founder of the brand!

        Don't neglect brand loyalty

        In the regional market offense, there is nothing more difficult than inciting consumer brand loyalty.

        However, many regional market strong brands, after gaining a strong regional position, have despised the creation of brand loyalty. The most obvious behavior is the weakening of the compressed public relations of strong regional advertising.

        For a brand that has achieved a leading position in the regional market, whenever it is necessary to strengthen the brand's position in the position of consumers, how can we lose this strategy? How can this market shrink? The most common mistake market leaders make is that they can cut promotion costs and frequency by thinking that the market is leading, and the change in market position often begins with this reduction. The diversification of brand promotion means, brand promotion activities should be formed into perennialization and institutionalization, and try to establish exclusive cooperation with the dominant media in the region to set up obstacles for the market and brand promotion of competing products.

        Advertising and public relations are definitely a secret weapon to defend the brand status and ensure the brand is loyal. Regardless of the consumer or the channel, after a brand has achieved a strong position, it still keeps on consumers and channels, and cares for it. It is generally not rejected by consumers and channels. Any brand that grabs the two hands of consumers and channels will never let competitors take advantage of it.

        Multi-product full price blockade high possession

        Leaders in any regional market brand, with leading edge, can block competitive brands by maximizing product line stretching. Enhance the width and depth of the product line to maximize the resistance to competing brands. At this time, the product's strategy should be transformed into "series against single products, to achieve product serialization breakthrough." Block competitor brands completely with the largest market share and the most active brand performance.

        In fact, the emergence of the strong, there must be many brands to conduct competitive siege. Therefore, we must grasp the progress of product development and product development strategies while strengthening the vertical and horizontal product lines and product serialization.

        The specific practices are as follows:

        First, the product line is rich and combed: after the leading product has successfully become a leader, we must give play to the energy of “one person gets the best, the dog and the dog rise to the sky”, focusing on the combing, rich and effective combination of tactical products and image products, and at the same time pay attention to Can't let their products "figh" and consume their own resources;

        Second, timely grasp the upgrade of leading products: the decline of a brand, often because of the aging of leading products, or upgrades have not kept up, replaced by competitors seize the opportunity. The law of product upgrading and replacement: When the leading product has the strongest vitality, it is necessary to start cultivating the products that are ready to be upgraded. The old products are mature, the new products are growing, and the old products are not allowed to decline. The new products are still being cultivated. in.

        Shielding channel, Jianbi Qingye

        After obtaining a certain market position in the regional market, in order to consolidate the market position that it possesses, it is necessary to adopt a strategy of “shielding channels, strengthening the walls and clearing the wild”. “As long as the channels are in place, the positions will be there”.

        The specific practices are as follows:

        First, channel classification management and hierarchical management: import different, matching cooperation modes, management methods, benefit distribution, etc. according to channel type, level of each channel (core network, key network, image network, and general network) To form a clear interest chain structure design, strengthen market price management, avoid market confusion, and establish a stable and continuous cooperation model;

        The second is to build a strategic cooperation alliance: dealers and core terminal stores often have core channel members in these channels. Their sales volume and market influence are relatively large, and strategic alliances are established as long as the enterprises form strategies for the core channel members of the market. In the league, competing products are difficult to cut into the market.

        The third is to establish an image terminal: to build image terminals (specialized stores, image stores) in the regional market, and establish a benchmark image. New, self-attack is the best defense

        When product and marketing thinking are solidified and formatted, it is difficult to break through the final thinking bottom line. Therefore, in the process of brand building and development, we must learn to self-denial, which is the law of the development of things.

        Multi-product, multi-channel, and marketing teams have increased dramatically, and management complexity has grown geometrically. Establishing an efficient execution system and maintaining strong execution are the key to the continued growth of regional strong brands and the indispensable key force for market defense.

        First, everything is centered on the market. After many brands have achieved staged success in the regional market, it is easy to generate a small-scale and small-scale mentality of small farmers. Crisis awareness, management power, team execution, and service capabilities are weakened. Many regional markets are often lost because of external factors. There have been a lot of loopholes in the management of regional markets, allowing opponents to take advantage of them.

        The second is the division of labor in specialized organizations. For example, establish a channel operation organization with independent operation and independent core, and realize the management of market management, information feedback, market investment and brand management professional team.

        The third is to unify policy regulation and unified market management. Mature enterprises are strategic wins and system wins. Therefore, only a strong unified management and control ability can maintain the coordinated development of the overall market.

        Effective defense must begin at the beginning of the attack, and should be decomposed to every level of market development and maintenance. It is too late to wait until the opponents are under the city to start passive defense.

        In short, for a regional market leading brand, it is extremely important to establish a strong defense system. Of course, we must also clearly understand that passive defense cannot be successful. Therefore, the establishment of a defense system must be proactive. Systematic and dynamic systems engineering.

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